• vQm Airmover
  • vQm Airmover

Product description

Before filling the vQm big bags or (octa)bin liners, they should always be blown up first. This ensures that the liner is fully opened and well positioned, and that the product flows freely into the big bag during filling. By doing so, downward force on the liner is avoided and the product can freely settle inside for optimum stability.  

In case that a filling station is not equipped with a blower, this airmover is an easy & quick alternative. The airmover converts compressed air into volume air, through the  venturi-effect.




·        Blows up a big bag in 10-20 seconds;

·        Wide, flexible exhaust tube avoids damage to the liner;

·        No electricity or moving parts;

·        Only continuous supply of compressed air through 8mm tube required;

·        On/off tap mounted for easy operation.

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