Preserve your precious seeds

suitable for these commodities

  • vQm Sunflower seeds

    Sunflower seeds

  • vQm Chia seeds

    Chia seeds

  • vQm Pumpkin seeds

    Pumpkin seeds

  • vQm Mustard seeds

    Mustard seeds

  • vQm Coriander seeds

    Coriander seeds

  • vQm Rice


How we preserve seeds

Seed storage is all about preserving the germination rate. Traditionally, seeds have been stored in an environment with optimum stable humidity level in combination with cold temperature. New scientific insights have proven that an extremely low oxygen level (anoxic environment) is in fact more effective in maintaining the germination rate, compared to storage in cold rooms.

With vQm you can create THE ideal storage conditions for your valuable seeds:

  • Stable moisture content, due to high barrier liners
  • Anoxic, hermetic environment after flushing with nitrogen, in combination with our multiple layer and extremely low gas permeability liners
  • Vacuum: optional
  • Cold storage: not required, optional
Lots of research has been done regarding seed preservation under low oxygen. Click on the links below to download some of the most important studiesl

How is your commodity protected?

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