MAPModified Atmosphere Packaging

Impressed by VQM

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

All through the same valve!

The unique two-way-valve makes it possible to easily modify the composition of the internal atmosphere of a bag e.g. to improve the shelf life of its' content. Air goes out, gas goes in! Especially for powders, the valve is supplied with a special filter medium. Without damaging the bag, the vQm system modifies the internal atmosphere of the package.

By using MAP/vacuum, it's possible to;

  • reduce O2 level:
        - stop oxidation
        - stop aging
        - retain flavour and aroma
        - avoid rancinity development
        - no funghi development
  • increase N2 or CO2 levels
  • kill insects in all life stages

Additional advantages:

  • retain moisture content of the commodity
  • reduce inner variations of temperature
  • inhibit aerobic microbial growth

MAP can be applied to most dry agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical commodities, as well as dry products like powders.

The mix of gases that is applied highly depends on the type of product, the packaging material, the storage /transport conditions and the purpose.

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